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Personalized gifts

Every in the store visible jewelry can be personalized. On the jewelry reverse side can be engraved various wishes, sayings, names, dates or symbols. You can choose my suggested fonts or send yours. If you want a more personalized gift, you can also order an engraving with your handwriting.
Personalized handmade jewelry is a very special and personal gift for a friend, girlfriend, relative or person close to you for a Birthday, Name-day, Christmas, New Year, Women's Day, Men's Day, Wedding Anniversary, Baptism, Graduation from School, Music School or another special occasion. 

Engraving services

I can make engraved jewelry in accordance with the drawing you sent me. You can draw the drawing yourself or find it on the Internet.
I offer to engrave not only in my jewelry but also in other metal items. For example, silver spoons, wedding keys, keychain, lighters engraving, etc…



Types of decorative treatments 

Design of engraved lines

  • Engraved lines shiny (write or call me if you want the engraved lines to be shiny) - I think this is very important in the manufacture of silver jewelry so that people can buy them with a natural surface, without various coatings, thus preserving the antibacterial and healing properties of silver. In addition, in some nations in folk traditions, silver also has magical powers, and in order to pass it to a person, silver needs direct contact with the skin.

But in order to keep up with the times and it is better to highlight engraved drawings and texts, I also offer additional decorative surface treatments for engraving lines - which I apply only to engraved lines. 

  • Engraved lines naturally blackened - oxidized (used by default for all silver jewelry)
  • Engraved lines with gold (for an additional fee, can be applied to silver jewelry)
  • Engraved lines with black rhodium - used by default for all gold jewelry (for an additional fee, can be applied to silver jewelry)


Engraved lines naturally blackened - oxidized

After the engraving process, during oxidation, a thin film of silver oxide is applied to the engraved surface - that is, in fact, what happens to the silver surface in the process of long-wear is done artificially, controllably and in advance. The engraved line looks matte black and highlights the engraved image or text on the rest of the polished surface.

In order to oxidize silver articles, longer maintain their original appearance, follow the Instructions for Wearing, Care, and Storage of Silver Jewelry.


Engraved lines with gold or black rhodium

As an additional option for my jewelry, I offer (with electroplating) include yellow gold or black rhodium (black rhodium is anti-allergic and is one of the most expensive metals in the world) in the engraved lines. This gives the engraved lines a “Golden yellow” or “Rhodium black” brilliance and in the rays of light make jewelry even more beautiful.

Care recommendations are the same as for all other silver jewelry.


But engraved lines with gold or rhodium have another plus. If you don’t like the effect of the antique coating, which accumulates over time on all-natural sterling silver jewelry, at home you can use the following silver whitening technique.


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